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Effective Digital Marketing For F&B

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Increase Your F&B Media Presence & Attract More Customers

The F&B industry has a relatively lower barrier to entry, this encourages many entrepreneurs to start a F&B business venture. However, a successful F&B business does not just rely on the food quality and the passion of the founders to sustain, but also marketing and branding to a huge extent! In this course, trainees will be exposed to a comprehensive set of marketing skills required for a successful business.

Here's what you will discover during the 1-day programme: 

  1. Effective Designing of Food and Beverage Menu

  2. Tips To Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

  3. The Use and Impact of the Various Social Media Platforms

  4. Successful Branding though Story-telling

  5. How To Secure Media Coverage to Boost Credibility

  6. Photoshoot Set Up, Food Styling, Arrangement and Lighting

  7. Designing of Advertisement Poster and Website

and lastly...... 

Receive a FREE group consultation session with our F&B Consultant, with regards to cost optimisation, marketing campaign, menu designing and much more!

Who Is This Programme For?

Aspiring and current F&B Business owners


Marketing  Personnels

F&B managers

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